BorkTech is a small multiservice IT company located on the Tubman Boulevard in Congo Town Monrovia, about 2 minutesÂ’ walk from Lone Star Office.

It was founded in May 2016 as a local IT consultancy group to help absorb young  graduates specialized in Information Technology and Computer Science integrate in the job market by providing hands on solutions to real life problems.

Here at BorkTech, we develop web and standalone applications for small and medium size profit and Non-Profit organizations in Liberia using some of the most prolific technologies on the market.

We have also discovered a huge potential market in rural communities and schools across the country, especially in the areas of accessibility to fundamental computer literacy, Local Area Network, website development, Database Management, Hospital Management and School Management system amongst others.
With an initial capital of a little over 3,500 USD in hardware acquisition, BorkTech began to deploy in targeted communities almost immediately. What we experienced then in terms of expectation has since motivated us to continue to expand further into other IT enhancement sectors in our country.

We do not intend to reinvent the wheels as a means of demonstrating our IT prowess. Instead, we desire to integrate GSM technology currently at the reach of about 40 % of our population to deploy modern technological advances alongside traditional techniques in all aspects of our activities, be it in education or healthcare. And with the current advancement in mobile technology, we are closer than ever in developing an exclusive market that will serve as conduit in replicating the successes of developed societies here in Liberia.

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